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General Lecture Exploration Energy of Indonesia

General Lecture Eksploration Energy of  Indonesia
by Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar M.Sc

On September 26th 2014, AAPG SC ( American Association Petroleum of Geologist Student Chapter ) and SEG SC ( Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student Chapter ) University of Lampung was held a public lecture that presents Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar M.Sc as a speaker in a general lecture with the theme " Are We Running  Out Of Oil ? " 

The Wall of General Lecture " Exploration Energy of Indonesia"

Lectures are held at 5 pm, which was attended by all students and alumni of Geophysical Engineering University of Lampung , Student of ITERA ( Institut Teknologi Sumatera ) , as well as other general student

Registration Desk for Participant

Registration Desk for Participant

The event was opened by Abdi Kristianto as a Chief of General Lectrure , further warmest welcome from Mr. Bagus Sapto Mulyatno S.Si, M.T as the chairman of Geophysical Engineering .

Abdi Kristianto as A chieft of the General Lecture

Mr. Bagus Sapto Mulyatno, S.Si, M.T while giving a speech

Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar M.Sc was giving valuable insights to be a reliable geophysicist in the petroleum exploration. He provided information about the potential of Indonesia as an oil and gas fields, which are known to have many basins to be explored further.

Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar while giving explanation 

While He was giving Explanation, He gave a motivational words 
"Be Inventors, Do not be imitators"

Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar while giving explanation

The Event was closed with giving a plaque and souvenirs typical of Lampung, which is represented by the head of department Mr. Bagus Sapto Mulyatno , S.Si. M.T and Dr. Muh Sarkowi, S.Si, M.Si. as a Faculty Advisor of  Engineering University of  Lampung .

Giving a Plaque and Souvenir

Giving a Plaque and Souvenir

Dr. Muh Sarkowi, S.Si, M.Si. was giving a plaque to speaker

Photo Section with Committee

Photo Section with SEG and AAPG Unila

Photo Section with President AAPG (green shirt) and President SEG ( red shirt )

Photo Section with Student of ITERA 

Photo Section with Participant of Lecture

" See You Next Time on The Other Event "
by Committe of this Event

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